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Lately I’ve been working on website design a bit more and it’s definitely growing on me. Projects can range from simply updating/maintaining a client’s site and rebranding a current design to fully creating a website from the ground up. There usually are a bunch of elements to consider when preparing for a web build so I’m thankful I’m a very organized and efficient worker. It surely comes in handy.
Every business should have a website. Word of mouth and referrals are important but there’s nothing that will feature your company as well as a personal space on the web. Being accessible to potential clients and customers is key to growth. I feel a simple and streamlined design is best, as long as it’s informative, tells your story and makes an impression. It should also reflect your branding, as all marketing materials should.
If there is one place others can learn about who are and what you do, it’s your website. I will be honest, when I visit certain sites, whatever it may be, and it’s hard to navigate or just a hot mess, I click off pretty fast and move on. The only thing that keeps me there is figuring out how I would improve it. Lol. And more than a handful of times I’ve thought about reaching out to ask if they are interested in getting a visual upgrade but I never do it. Maybe I should 🤷🏻‍♀️
If you need a refresh on your current site or want to start a new project, contact me to learn more. My rates are very reasonable and I offer payment plans as well. Plus, I’m pretty rad to work with. Just view my testimonials and see for yourself. You can learn more at graystardesign.com.