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I’ve been hearing the term ‘new normal’ way too much lately. Let’s be honest, this is not our new normal. At least it’s not mine. I’d say it’s more of a temporary set of rules we are suggested to follow. Personally, I believe it’s a bit much but regardless of how you feel accepting this way of life is depressing. And I am all about being positive so it certainly doesn’t fit into MY normal. And it doesn’t have to. Because only you can make your life amazing and allowing negative shit to bring you down and drag you around is no good. I always remind myself that bad energy only attracts more of it. Putting good vibes out into the world and being positive will bring good things your way AND rise the vibration around you. It’s sort of like a mirror – you reflect what you’re feeling. So try to smile, be grateful and move forward in a way that is best for you. Feel the sunshine and flow with it. Chase it. Whatever makes you happy and brings you peace – keep doing it. You’re allowed and most certainly expected to. And anyone who will tell you different is probably miserable themselves so not sure you should be taking advice from them anyway. Just be kind and keep moving. Try to understand and accept, even when it’s hard. Be calm, even when it’s rough. And spread love, because the world around you truly needs it.