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Being self employed for over a decade has been awesome. It’s hard work but it does get easier. After all these years I feel the toughest challenge I always deal with is drawing a line between work and home/personal life. Always. And even though I feel like I have somewhat of a hold on it, I’m being challenged yet again.

The line is important. It plays a big role in my life and can literally ruin my day if I cross it. Now, I do set hours for myself to work but they get a little blurry sometimes. I try to keep this from happening but I understand it will. I just can’t cross that line.

In order for me to be in the moment and sustain my sanity, I have to be tough and listen to my own rules. Because even though I have the freedom to do what I want with my business, creating a realistic routine and setting boundaries is key.

This means shutting down. There have to be times when I’m not available. No one is always available. And they shouldn’t be. Especially for work. We all deserve lives and should be able to enjoy them. It’s pretty simple. So shutting the work world down is the only way to achieve that. There has to be a time when you step away from the computer, stop answering emails and maybe even switch your phone to ‘do not disturb’ if you have to. And stick with it.

And those boundaries I mentioned are essential to NOT crossing that line. Set them and live by them. Like I said, this is my biggest challenge but I’m working at it everyday. Separation is my solution. And that line reminds me to stay one on side until it’s time to cross over.

What are your boundaries?Does the line challenge you often?