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I just wrapped up a fun project for @thewhimsydays founder Piyali and I am so happy with how it all came out. I have shared the mood board and logo in previous posts and now the website. This is the home for the Morning Basket, a curated, seasonal morning time guide for the early childhood years. The design is pretty streamlined and I made sure the shopping experience was easy, since there will be 2 versions of the guide for each month. It’s welcoming and calm and that is how I view Piyali herself so it’s perfect. Feel free to visit the site and take a look around.

Even if you aren’t choosing to homeschool this is a really nice guide to use in the morning (or any other time that works for you) as an additional source of education and is definitely time well spent with your children. You can learn more at thewhimsydays.com.