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I would say this is true about most people but one thing I can say for myself is I question everything with no end in sight. No agenda. Just straight up curiosity and looking for answers. Looking for truth.

I think that journey starts when something lights you up. For example: My interest in the vegetarian lifestyle started around 2004 or so. Hearing more about it made me curious. Then the singer of a band I liked shared his thoughts and that was the spark. I held on to that flame for a few years.

Later, in 2007 I explored it on my own, along with all sorts of research into natural wellness and eco living. It was then the flame grew into a fire. After reading books/articles and watching a bunch of documentaries/films I made the shift. It wasn’t hard for me at all because I was truly informed. And because of the knowledge I’ve gained and how passionate I felt, it was a no brainer. And honestly I never turned back and it was the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.

The key to this story is that I wasn’t looking for reasons to be a vegetarian. I just wanted to seek truth. I yearned for answers and what was happening in the world, and in this case what we were doing to animals. Well I found out and it destroyed me. I hated that I wasn’t aware but I knew that beating myself up wasn’t worth it. Redemption only comes from change. So that’s what I did.

As the years went by I carried on this way of living… the way of looking deeper. And it has brought me tons of rewards. I don’t blindly trust anyone and I’m smart enough to see right through the shit that is being fed to everyone around me. The world is far from perfect and the things I’ve learned upset me a great deal… but I rather be informed then be ignorant. So I continue to seek the truth and live my life in a way that brings me happiness.

It took time to thicken the skin I wear. To be just a bit tougher to block all the negativity, all the bullshit, all the low vibes around me. To ignore the false reality. But I did it. And oh, is it glorious.