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The texture of our lives. How do we fill in the hours, minutes and seconds? What do we surround ourselves with on a daily basis? The texture of our lives is so important. Everything makes a difference. One little thing can affect your day or have a negative impact

We must choose wisely.

I want to fill up my days with rich moments that are memorable. Moments that guide me forward. Moments that light up my soul. It takes a lot of work to avoid negative vibrations but it’s worth it. Once you get to an enlightened level you see things so much more clearly. This is what makes rising above so much easier. You realize what’s not good for you and simply block it. No worry. No fear. Then it just stops coming your way.

Here is when the magic happens.

Invite texture that is meaningful. Honor your space and your time. The more you do, the universe will reflect that to others and life becomes truly worth living ✨