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I’ve always been one to seek more, ask why, and wander afar. It’s just my way. And all the while… learning and growing. The journey is about evolving into something better, not perfect. Nothing is or will ever be perfect.

And with each experience we live through, each person we meet, each lesson we learn from – we rise even higher. Allow your soul the frequency it deserves. Low vibes only drag you down. Be true to yourself and live your best life. Admit your flaws and do the work but also see the beauty within you. Because we are all beautiful in our own unique way. And it’s this that creates color in our lives.

I am grateful for each day I am here on this earth. And being able to expand my mind and continue to learn is truly a blessing. Knowledge is the one thing you never have to much of and no one can take it from you. The never-ending gift