Grasp – Stationery Line Launch


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My new stationery line, Grasp, is here! I’ve been working on this collection for about 6 months and am happy it’s finally done. I feel it will help others reflect their own feelings. Here I share my purest emotion in hopes of creating and celebrating connections between others.

The series is all about love and showcases a romantic soft feel. My vision was to create a pretty collection of cards that are unique, personal, and intimate. I hope you all enjoy. I will be sharing all the cards in the collection this next week or so, but you can view the series now at

Grasp – A poetry series on paper


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Words have always been something I could retreat to during times where I was filled to the brim with emotion, which seemed to be more than often. Using writing as an outlet helped me through years of experiences, both good and bad. It’s just something I always did since I was a child. Learning to connect the dots and use language to share what was inside of me is a gift I am so grateful for. And I am excited to finally share my love for poetry through a new stationery collection, Grasp.

This new series is a small collection of poetry that I feel will help others reflect their own feelings. Here I share my purest emotion in hopes of creating connections that are meaningful and unforgettable.

It will be available July 1st! So stay tuned.

Design Services – Marketing


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There are a lot of ways to promote your business. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to figure out. And it also doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. These days social media is a top platform for featuring your services and unless you decide to pay for an ad, it’s free!

Think of marketing as using the right tools to put your business on the center stage. Focus on these three key elements:

  • A stunning image to capture your audience
  • Informative text to keep them reading
  • Contact info for people to learn more

Obviously, without marketing, no one would know your business exists. Whether it’s word of mouth, online ads, mailers, flyers, newsletters, or tv – it’s essential to grow your business. I offer a variety of services that cover all your marketing needs.

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