Lichen Study: Part 1


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Today we dove into our nature study with a few fun projects. It’s lichen week!

  • read about lichen in The Wonders of Nature
  • colored a bit using a forest floor page from @magichomeschoolbus
  • cut out different types of lichen by @twigandmoth and pasted them in our nature journal
  • met up with some friends for a nature hike and found lots of lichen and other cool earthy treats
  • read a season inspired book, Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing by Jane Yolen
  • watched a video on lichen from SciShow Kids
  • practiced the letter H and numbers with some worksheets

It was a busy day for sure. And someone even took a nap! lol. Looking forward to more lichen fun.

Moss Study: Part 3


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Today was kind of an off day for Elliot so I kept it low key and let him mostly do what he wanted. We were able to check off a few things on my list though:

  • practiced letters and numbers with a few worksheets
  • read two pieces from Fables by Arnold Lobel
  • studied Barn with Moss-Covered Roof by Vincent van Gogh and Elliot painted his own version with watercolors (that pink tree! And he included the sun and the moon, which is pink too)

I wanted to focus more on art today and I had another project to do but he said we can do it tomorrow, lol. So stay tuned.

Moss Study: Part 2


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This morning we completed our lessons and learned a bit more about moss:

  • read Mossy by Jan Brett
  • looked at more moss cards by @twigandmoth
  • drew varieties of moss in our nature journal
  • worksheets practicing the letter O and S and also some numbers
  • traced different moss varieties from Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman

After lunch Elliot and I watched a short video about moss, read The Hen and the Apple Tree from Fables by Arnold Lobel, practiced letters and then played some counting and math games with marbles.

Moss Study: Part 1


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It’s moss week in our nature study! I was really excited for this one since I love moss. We collected some moss from our property over the weekend so Elliot can start studying and last night we watched a cool time lapse video of moss and lichen growing.

Today we only did a few things at home because we met up with friends for a nature hike at a really beautiful preserve:

  • we learned about different varieties of moss in Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman and cute cards by @twigandmoth
  • Elliot started writing his favorite types of moss in our nature journal and painting moss with watercolors, which we will keep building on
  • a worksheet practicing the letter Oal
  • Read Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock by Eric A. Kimmel
  • Put all the moss samples we found from the preserve, along with what we already had in a terrarium to study

It was a fun filled day and we both look forward to more lessons tomorrow.