Reflecting Back: My Birth Experience


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I can’t complain too much about my pregnancy, but my birth experience was pretty bad. I’m not gonna lie. Everything I didn’t want to happen, happened. That dream birth I was looking forward to certainly wasn’t meant for me. I felt so many emotions during my stay in the hospital: anxious, weak, powerless, sad, hopeless….the list goes on.

And then I was told I had to get a c-section. I just laid there and cried. All I wanted was was to meet my baby.

The surgery was horrible. But when I heard my sons voice for the first time, I smiled. And then I got to see his adorable face, and he smiled. And even though waves of nausea consumed me, I knew that soon, it would all be over.

And here I am today, almost 11 months later. Where does the time go? I feel like I’m going to blink and we will be celebrating his 1st birthday. Just another month and our sweet boy will enter a whole new journey. And us as well as parents. It’s all so exciting and a bit overwhelming. But the adventure awaits us.

Photo by Lauren Elle Photography

Shelf Love


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One thing most people have in their homes are shelving units. Just because they are considered storage furniture doesn’t mean they have be boring. There are plenty of ways to dress up these pieces and make them super stylish and interesting. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Sometimes Less is More
This image is a great example of how negative space can really help your cabinets look fresh. A few pieces on top, a lamp or a pair of vases, and either one of more pieces of art. Always remember that most of the time groups of three look best. Take note of the symmetry that comes into play on the shelves. The horizontal and vertical stacks on each side, the few round decorative items to help keep the space fluid, and the size of the items help keep everything even.

(Photo credit: West Elm)

Color Play
If you want your shelves to stand out, then keeping within a color scheme will do the trick. Because everything on the shelves are cohesive, they will actually pop more. As apposed to having so many different things thrown together, which can just end up looking like a big mess. Below is a great example of how finished and fresh this idea can be. Yellow and White are taking the main stage here, as pretty dining pieces are featured. A few books, photographs, and other decorative items help mix it up a bit for more visual interest. You can also organize books by color to really make a statement.

(Photo credit: Home Stories A to Z)

(Photo Credit:

Mix and Match
Now this can be tricky, but you can have a bunch of items on a shelf with books and have it look pretty cool. The photo below is a nice example of how to do this. Notice the decorative items are all of the same theme, birds! And the colors of those items are found in the books as well. This is how to keep it less messy and more about making sense.

(Photo Credit: HGTV Home)

Interior Palettes: Fresh and Earthy


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I just love how the mixed woods and black contrast with the white and light gray planters. And the green really brings in a warm, organic vibe. I think plants always bring a nice touch to any space. The multi color books on the shelves pop without looking like too much, thanks to the neutral palette. And those chairs…LOVE!

(Image credit: