Grasses Study: Part 1


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It’s grasses week in our nature study! This morning we read a cute story and looked at different types of grasses. Then practiced the letter G, numbers, and some line work. For our art sesh Elliot painted a type of grass he liked.

  • In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming
  • Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds by Dr. Sarah Jose (Smithsonian)
  • Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman
  • Pen Control Workbook by @scholasticinc

Wildflower Study: Part 2


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Today we learned all about dandelions! As always we started with a few good books, looked over beautiful materials from a dandelion unit, practiced the letter D and making words, reviewed shapes, and had a number lesson with our marbles. Then we made pretty little dandelions out of kite paper and brightened up our windows. After lunch we read another book about dandelions, reviewed plant facts, and had a coloring sesh. Elliot didn’t want to finish his but I enjoyed coloring mine. That wraps up wildflower week!

  • A Dandelion’s Life by John Hinnelman
  • A Child’s Book of Wildflowers by M.A. Kelly
  • Dandelions: Stars in the Grass by Mia Posada
  • Dandelion lesson materials by @stephhathwaydesigns
  • Dandelion craft idea by @tanglewoodhollow
  • Shape matching and flower coloring page by @morningstogether
  • letter worksheet by
  • workbook by @scholasticinc

I Am One


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I am one with the…

soil beneath my feet.
clouds above my head.
trees that give me shade.
soft breeze that kisses my cheek.
sun that warms me.water that soothes me.
plants that feed that tempt me.
moon that lights the way.birds that serenade the sunrise.
animals that roam.insects that cross my path.
rain that pours upon me.snow that tickles my skin.

I am all things nature, all things Earth.
Sincerely connected and magically intertwined… forever loyal to her beauty

She is my light, my darkness and everything in between. I am forever inspired and grateful.

My beloved Mother Earth, you are everything ✨⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Gorgeous illustration by the talented @alexgold_art

Portfolio: Mood Board/Color Palette for Thalia Mesa


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A pretty little mood board and color palette for @thaliacosmica we just wrapped up this morning. She sent me these images to work off of and they are such great inspiration for her vibe. Excited to work with Thalia on her branding and create a fresh new website where her bright spirit can shine.