Portfolio: God and Money


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Another sales page for Malaine Lea I created last week to promote her new course God and Money. The design is a combination of calming colors, bold text, and whimsy elements. Here she shares 12 principles that will transform your relationship with money so that sustaining, creating, and making money is easy. If you are ready to dive into 3 months of magic and learn how to generate sales with ease and strengthen your spiritual connection then check this out for sure. You can visit malainelea.com/god to learn more.

Be Grateful


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Every day I am grateful for what and who I have in my life but some days I am extra thankful for how my life has turned out. Although I’ve been through a lot, I found a way to create my own happiness out of it all. Things may not be perfect or 100% how I’d like it but is it ever? I’m just grateful I am here, able to do what I love and be surrounded by family and friends. You have to always move forward and never stop working for what you want. Support your dreams with actual goals and make it happen, no matter what.

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Portfolio: Caitlin deLahunta


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I started working with Caitlin in November of last year and she needed branding and website done to get her yoga business off the ground. Once we finalized the logo and her unique branded elements we moved on to the website just as 2019 began. It has been such a pleasure teaming up with Caitlin for these projects and we are both so happy with how it all turned out. She wanted cool neutral hues and a calming feel, which is right up my alley so I really enjoyed building this foundation and helping her have an online presence. Her story is unique and I love how she blends the art of yoga with psychology. If you are in New York area you should definitely check out her offerings and contact her for a session. Learn more at caitlindelahunta.com.



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Foggy mornings are pretty much what I feel like from time to time. Whether I have too much on my mind, I’m busy as a bee, or just feeling a bit low – the fog takes over. And there isn’t much to relieve the uncomfortable disconnect I feel from myself and the world but one thing always saves me. Design. It brings me back to life. It gives me ideas which push me to create. The way I see the spaces around me or the blank slate waiting to come alive is magic. My soul lights up when I can aesthetically be free and my vision is allowed to thrive. Design is what keeps my blood flowing and my heart pumping. Like I said, it’s magic
My home is a haven for my family and I. I need it to feel calm, peaceful, and inspiring but most of all – beautiful and organized. Every few months I go on a rampage and tidy up the areas that need it. From closets to drawers, shelves to cabinets – I dive in and make it better than before. It’s something I truly enjoy. The same goes to redesigning a room. When I feel like the space just doesn’t have that spark anymore, it’s time for a change. And all the time, effort, and work I put in is all worth it. My daily life is enhanced and I’m truly happier. And my family benefits as well.
Being able to transform anything I see in a beautiful unique way or creating something from nothing is a gift I treasure and I truly believe it’s my destiny to share it with the world.