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So you have something to celebrate and you’ve decided to throw a party. It can be a birthday, a baby or bridal shower, engagement party or just a little get together to catch up with some friends. There is one thing you must have. Invitations! Yes, you can buy them and fill in the blanks or have them personalized with your info online, that is somewhat easy. The real challenge is making them meaningful.

Sure you can send out simple invites. No problem. However, when a celebration comes around that is truly one of a kind, you should put a little more effort into it. Just think of the event and the decor involved. Your invitations should reflect the event so your guests get a little sneak peak as to what is up ahead. It is also nice if they reflect you or who the event is for.

Personally, I feel the invitations and save the date’s if you’re planning a wedding, should excite your guests. Don’t you want them to count down the days? Sure! Especially, if it’s a big event. I mean, you’re celebrating for a reason. This is your chance to show some style, uniqueness and authentic design. Start putting down the bricks and lead your guests down the yellow brick road, all the way to your fabulous event.

There are no rules except one: make sure the text is readable. If your guests can’t make it out, you might not have everyone come, haha. I love designing items like invitations. Like cards and stationary, you have a certain amount of space to work with so you don’t really need to think about size. It’s all about the design. So this is why I say make it spectacular. It’s the first thing people will see!

Here are some invitations I found that I feel are really great. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me. Remember, think out of the box and explore your options. Research, research, research! Get creative and have fun.