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Canadian artist, Norma Andreu, has a unique sensibility towards her work. Originally from Mexico City, you can clearly see the influence of her birthplace. She paints, illustrates and creates most of her work by hand. I originally fell in love with her dolls and then came to really appreciate her collage work as well.

Norma’s little cloth dolls are made with a combination of hand stitching and her sewing machine. They are all unique in that there is no pattern or stencil she works from. It’s all free motion stitching and the end result is a truly special gift. These little characters she creates take you away to a world where free spirit rules and distant music is always heard. It’s surely a place I’d like to be!

Check out her website as well as her Etsy shop, Cara Carmina, and see for yourself how talented this girl is. Her color schemes revolve around neutrals and play on the pale hues of nature but it’s interesting to see them shown in different forms. From her illustration work to her textiles, the design and palette come together in true harmony.

Cara Carmina - Lovely World Lady