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Justajar is a letterpress design shop in Ohio who’s work is hand cranked the old school way and all wood block prints are set by hand. One has to appreciate this fine craft and I must say Justajar pulls it off perfectly.

The work you will find in this shop is witty, clever and fun. Most have an organic feel and  the overall color scheme is inspired by nature. Lots of neutrals and muted tones. The perfect fit for engraved work. The artists behind all the items are talented, skilled and creative to say the least.

Look to their work for inspiration in the home. This one particular piece, sternwheel, is a favorite of mine. I imagine it hung above a fireplace looking grand and stately. The colors for this palette are mild and bright without being too much. It’s a nice mix of tone and value which allow a perfect scale of emotion to take place.

Check out their Etsy shop and show them some love!

Art Inspired Palette - Justajar