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Now that the warmer months are among us its time for Spring cleaning and to get organized. Here are some tips to liven up your space, clean out the clutter and take on a new season with ease.

Keep your home free from clutter by creating a space for everything. Utilize the space you have and make the most out of it. Keep closets in order by storing items you rarely use on top and important products at eye level.

Organization Tips
Keep notebooks and other office supplies neatly
stored for easy use.

Organization Tips
Even the dog can get organized! Keep all your pet’s
toys in a colorful bucket or bin so they aren’t all over
the place.

Organization Tips
Keep magazines in a decorative stand and you won’t hesitate to put them away.

Organization Tips
A vintage inspired catch-all holds papers and journals safe and neat under a coffee table.

Use clear containers to see what you have and label items if you rather have stuff hidden away. Add some unique elements, like using ribbon to tie sheet sets together. Recycle old jars to keep detergent in. Replace packaging so items look more refined and fresh.

Organization Tips
Colorful boxes add a nice touch to the top of a bookshelf while office materials are safely stored away.

Organization Tips
Labeled boxes are a great way to store items because they look neat and are very accessible. 

Your Mail & Money

Get rid of all that junk mail by visiting Ecocyle and devote a space to store a shredder. When junk mail comes in, just shred it right away.

Organization Tips
Create a shredding station where junk mail doesn’t
have a chance!

Create a space for incoming and outgoing mail and devote five minutes everyday to look through it. Keeping it by the shredder is a smart idea!

Keeping tabs on your bank account balance is smart and responsible. Why not make it easy and fun by using free programs like Mint or Manilla? Having everything in one place is key.

Keep a calendar for bills only. Use different colors or those snazzy star stickers for each of your accounts, and it will be even easier to keep track of when payments are due.


Setting up your week by meals makes grocery shopping and dinnertime much easier. Plus, I guarantee you will save money. Pick one day a week to plan out your meals, and only purchase the ingredients you need for that week. Less food will go to waste and you will know ahead of time what’s in store.

Keep snacks in clear containers in the pantry so you know when you run out. By storing the healthy snacks lower, you encourage both you and your kids to pick them over sweets. This will also add uniformity, color and neatness to the pantry.

Organization Tips
Clear jars brighten up the pantry when filled with dry goods. Plus, you can see when you need to buy more.

By keeping labels on food items facing forward you can see what you have. This keeps products organized and you won’t get stuck buying things you already own.

Follow these few tips and you’ll be on your way to a more stress-free and organized season in no time. Make your projects fun and get creative!