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If you are like me, then you love nature.  Especially, plants.  Bringing the outside in is a great way to provide cleaner air in your home.  It is also proven to keep you happier. Plants are amazing for a number of reasons, but the fact that they look cool and can add a natural touch to any room is a reason all of its own to buy them.

A few years ago I stopped by a garage sale and noticed a beautiful bird bath they had on the lawn. When I asked if it was for sale they said it was $20. For that amount of money how could I let it go!

Birdbaths can be pretty pricey and finding one you love that is affordable and in good condition rarely happens. At the time I didn’t have a back yard but I was thinking of how I can get creative and use it inside my apartment. First, I thought of making it a table by filling it with rocks and shells and then topping it off with a piece of glass. Definitely something you should try  But I was trying to make this a cheaper project so I thought of the next best thing, a birdbath garden.

Birdbath Garden - Copyright 2012 Melissa O'Connor

Now, since the birdbath is not that deep you can only use certain plants in it.  I find that succulents are the best way to go because they don’t need a lot of dirt to live and you only have to water them like once a month.  So, I was on my way to creating a little haven of desert plants. Here is how I did it:

First, buy a couple of bags of rocks, any will do, and place a half inch layer on the bottom of the birdbath.  You need to do this for drainage.  Then buy some organic soil (unless you have some around the house) and fill a thin layer over the rocks and make sure they are all covered.

Now, plant about four to five plants with a couple of inches in between them.  Give them some room to breathe.  I purchased my succulents at Ikea (they are only $4 there) but any garden center or Home Depot type store should have them too.  Usually, everyone has a store or nursery they like to go so feel free to do what you like or shop around.

Birdbath Garden - Copyright 2012 Melissa O'Connor

Once you have the plants placed where you want them to be, fill in the spaces with some more soil so they are safe and secure.  You don’t want the roots sticking out!

Last but not least, place another layer of rocks or sand on top so you don’t just see dirt.  This will be the finishing touch that will make your birdbath garden look awesome.  Now make sure you keep your garden by a window because succulents need lots of light. I wouldn’t want your new buddies to die to soon!

Birdbath Garden - Copyright 2012 Melissa O'Connor

If you’re wondering where the birdbath is now, I will gladly tell you it is in our backyard in a small garden where the birdies play and explore. Finally, it has a place to really call home and is surrounded by nature and adorable little creatures.

I hope you have fun shopping around for the elements that will make this DIY project a beautiful addition to your home.  I promise it will look amazing and end up being a cool conversational piece to any room.  Good Luck!