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Happy Friday Everyone! Today is a rainy day over here in New York which is kinda nice considering its been very hot and humid the past few days. The rain has brought a cool breeze as well which I have been waiting for. This weather reminds me of my favorite season, fall. This is why I have chosen this photo for this week’s inspiration. It was taken at the Meroke Preserve in Bellmore, NY, which will always have a special place in my heart.

I call it Autumn Lush because there is so much vibrancy in these branches. Reaching out to one another, becoming tangled in the sweetness of the cool air. The ivy acts as a cushion for harmony to form as it boasts its earthly colors and soft cloud like shape. This is one of the reasons I love fall. You look up and see the trees connecting with each other, spreading life, and the remaining leaves appearing to hang on delicate garland of hugs.

It may seem like everything dies during this season but it is indeed the opposite. Mother Nature resets and recharges as it sheds its outer layers for all of us to see. Its quite personal and beautiful, if you ask em. Seeing the bare souls of many of Earth’s gifts. it opens up a world where details and hidden secrets come alive. In this autumn lush, I am invited to get a little bit closer to what I love the most, Earth.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Autumn Lush - 2012 Copyright Melissa O'Connor All Rights Reserved