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Most people think of cemeteries as morbid and sad. I wouldn’t say they are happy places but they hold the remains of ones we love. I often find peace in cemeteries even though it makes me sad to be there. Surprisingly, they are beautiful places.

I took this photo during my visit to The Little Shelter in Huntington, New York a few years ago. What a place this is. There is so much space for the animals to run and be free. The one thing I thought was interesting was their pet cemetery. I was taken back by how serene and peaceful it felt to walk through it. The trees were mesmerizing and the grounds were simply graceful. It brought a tear to my eye to look at all the little stones engraved with the pet’s names but it made me happy to know they are resting in such a natural and pretty place.

Inspiration Photo Friday: At Peace - Copyright 2012 Melissa O'Connor