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Wedding Details that Last Forever

Most brides choose to throw their bouquet at their wedding but since I created mine, I wanted to preserve it for years to come. So I dried the flowers by hanging the bouquet in my basement for 2 weeks. It’s the darkest and driest place in my house. It took me awhile to find a shadow box that was perfect but 2 months later, I found it and couldn’t be happier. It was on sale too!

I laid out my bouquet in the center and dressed it up as it was on my wedding day. Adorned with vintage lace and the key Danny gave me during our engagement. I showcased each of our vows under the bouquet, in their original state, and then added a few more dried flowers from our wedding in the corners along with another small vintage key.

I can’t say enough how much I love my wedding box. I feel every bride should have something like this. Now I can treasure the details of our ceremony forever and have a beautiful memory showcased for all to see.

Wedding Details that Last Forever