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Directed by Zack Snyder, 300 offers an intense experience visually and emotionally. The story is based off the comic series by Frank Miller and tells the brave tale of the war between the Spartans and Persians. Standing strong, King Leonidas leads the way as the Spartan army follows.   The art production of this film is amazing. With its saturated and cinematic shots, it stays true to the original series beautifully.

The color palette of 300 is very much like the story; deep, intense and dark. However, it comes to life with every scene. Filled with drama, love, endless action and history, it will turn your world upside down and not only get you pumped but at times horrify as well.

Look to this palette for autumn weddings and fall events. The richer colors make an impact as the neutral tones set the stage for unforgettable style.

Color in Films: 300