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Setting up a fabulous wedding reception is the ambition of every bride and groom in the country. From decking out the banquet tables with the right fabrics, to making sure the walls and ceiling are lavishly decorated, you shouldn’t feel the need to skimp on a single thing on your special day.

This is why you should observe the following tips to make sure everything goes by without a hitch – so to speak.

Guest Post: Getting a Wedding Reception Spot On

Allocate the floor space ASAP
Making the best of the space available to you is undeniably the most tricky part of getting your wedding reception on the right track. If dancing is the main focus of your event after eating, then make it known. To this end you should ensure that your banqueting tables remain either at the edges of the room, or are easily carried aside/stowed away after the main meals are over.

Your chairs should be just as flexible and be able to be removed at a moment’s notice. Try to avoid buying or renting heavy pieces of furniture. There’s nothing worse than splitting your wedding outfit, or seeing a family member injured because they can’t move a table!

Arrange the sound, lighting, decorations and entertainment
The chances are you’ll be stuck with the level of lighting and sound system that comes with your venue. However, if you were to hire a DJ then they might have some lights that could spruce up the areas that need it – as well as a beefy sound system to fill the space.

As for decorating, you should probably leave all of your wedding materials in the safe hands of a trusted source; be it your best man, or maid of honour. Realistically these are the only people who have time to organize – or sub-organize – your reception, as you’ll be too busy getting married to!

Guest Post: Getting a Wedding Reception Spot On

{Kevin Mills started his career as a company executive in the Reading area and later relocated in Leicestershire. He is proud father of a sweet boy and happily living with his wife and son. At present he is working at an international furniture house in Leicestershire and occasionally writes some articles on restaurant and banquet tables. Connect with Kevin on Google+}