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I took this photo back in 2006 when I lived in Jersey. It’s a place in Skillman called Skillman Village, a little town filled with a school, living quarters, playgrounds and even a small hospital and fire department. Founded in 1898, it was once the State Village for Epileptics but has been abandoned since 1998. Last year, the town started its $15 million dollar demolition to turn it into the new Somerset County Park. I am happy I got to visit twice before this because it is an interesting place to explore.

There are many photos I took this day which I will eventually share in a post but I chose this one for inspiration photo friday for a reason. It is the last building I went in before I was caught and escorted out of the village. This was the first photo I took going into the basement and only two more followed.

I found the stairwell intriguing even though it looked like a scene in a horror film. It was dark, dreary and dirty and the basement was the same. From looking at this image I imagine a whole world of possibilities of where it could lead to. It really does get you thinking and that is what inspiration is all about. Although it may not be the happiest of photographs, it surely lures you in and forces your imagination to run wild. This is exactly why I captured it.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Hideaway - © Melissa O'Connor