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Bedrooms are our reserved refuges where we hideaway to every night and get away with the worries of the world outside. Throughout our lives, they are the cozy and private spaces where we first experienced to sleep by ourselves, where we first learned not to sleep forlorn, where we penned our inmost thoughts and concealed them underneath the mattress, where it was acceptable to cater to ourselves flamboyantly and where we all perhaps made our first decisions on design.

Beyond bed skirts and bolsters, see how great design decisions turn into great design ideas. Some even take it to the next level and make a point that they have personalized their rooms thoroughly. Change is inevitable and with comes those people who would like to have their rooms customized similar to their friends. Others have come up with a peculiar taste.

Listed below are some of the weirdest bedroom ideas that have been prevalent these days. They have surfaced the internet and made great noises. We hope you will be amazed by the following and consequently, come out with your own exceptional bedroom concepts.

Old Wine Barrels
A hotel concept that included restored wine barrels might seem bizarre wherever in the world but not in the Netherlands. They always welcome outrageous or odd ideas. As a result, a brilliant De Vrouwe van Stavoren hotel was built from old wine barrels from Switzerland. They were brought to the Netherlands, then rinsed and transformed into hotel rooms.

Guest Post: Five Weird Bedroom Ideas - wine barrels

A waterbed is not as simple as you think it is. This next idea has added a new meaning to the word. This is not recommended to anyone that sleepwalks for sure! It may appear a little icy and very hazardous if you go home drunk and if you cannot swim, than this is certainly not a great idea. However, this is perhaps the coolest bedroom we have ever witnessed!

Guest Post: Five Weird Bedroom Ideas - waterbed

Sandwich Bed
It truly stinks to climb out of bed and walk across the cold floor just to satiate your hunger in the middle of the night. Why not save yourself and turn your room into your personal diner?  This sandwich bed will really provide you with sweet dreams.

Guest Post: Five Weird Bedroom Ideas - sandwich bed

Nautilus Undersea Suite
It is just so magical, transcendent and inimitably fascinating to live under the sea. This might have been the motivation of the person who developed a Nautilus Undersea Suite, which is located at The Poseidon Resort in Fiji. It can be found 40 feet under water.

Guest Post: Five Weird Bedroom Ideas - nautilis

Feel Seating System – Animi Causa
Animi Causa designed the Feel Seating System which has a cool and strange shape. It has a molecular structure which is the basic block for all things around us. It consists of 120 sofa balls enclosed in elastic fabric which enables you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Since the design allows you to make various forms, you can utilize it in a number of imaginative ways.

Guest Post: Five Weird Bedroom Ideas - feel

You might have been surprised by the five bedroom ideas we have presented here. Costs may bring you some hesitation to start now but these bedroom ideas can certainly inspire someone who has a burning passion within him. A third of our lives are being spent in bed so why not make the bedroom the most splendid place in our home? Start now and design your own extraordinary bedroom!

{Krisxi Chasanov writes for Divan Beds, one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of cheapest divan beds and mattresses. When she comes home, she’s a dedicated housewife and a mother of two. You can follow her on Twitter @bedcritter}