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This will always be one of my favorite photos I’ve taken. It was captured about 5 years ago while I was visiting the MOMA in the city. I turned around to look out the window and was fascinated by my reflection and how the light perfectly lit up a scene outside where people were gathered. The street seemed bare and quiet except for that one entrance area. And I just happened to be standing right above it.

The dichotomy of this photo will always amaze me. On one side, the dark city. On the other, a moment captured through my lens showing the lighter side. Here my reflection acts as a shadow allowing the darkness to come through while the light that surrounds me, brings attention to the subjects outside. Two worlds coming together. What do you think the main subject is here? Outside the window or in?

Sometimes if you step outside yourself for a moment, you can see a much different perspective than before. Reflections don’t always show you what everyone else sees. They can offer a glimpse into a new realm where the mind can wander and explore.

Inspiration Photo Friday -  © 2012 Melissa O'Connor-Arena