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When my friend Meg and I took a trip to California I set up sites for us to see and things for us to do while we where. One of them was to take a tour of Alcatraz. How could we not! I was very happy we did and must say the tour was really cool. We mostly got to walk around ourselves and take photos which is what I was hoping for. I had two cameras with me and was ready to shoot.

I captured a lot that day. Alcatraz surely has an interesting and haunting vibe. There was so much character to the place, the stories were gleaming off the walls. I particularly loved the rooms inside. Each step down the hallway was intimidating because you didn’t know what you would see next. The age of the furniture left behind and the patina on the walls added such a nice effect to the structure.

The room below seemed like a small storage space. I was drawn to it because of the way the light was gleaming through the window. You could see the cracks on the walls brilliantly among the shadows and the desperation of the empty air was strangely refreshing. I also loved the texture of the tiled floor. I felt this shot expressed what I felt while being in that room. To be in darkness and watch it slowly get swallowed by light was a really cool experience. It reminds you that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Inspiration Photo Friday: The Darkness - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena