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The time for Christmas celebrations are slowly creeping in. What better way to get into the glorious holiday spirit than by decorating? Decorations turn your home into a more joyful one and simply put, makes the home look better.

Guest Post: Christmas Flower Decorations

The choice of decorating materials could be a little difficult, though. Nowadays, the market offers a huge variety of decorating items. Not only that, but you can also get into some DIY projects and make your own decorations. However, nothing works better than having lots of flowers around the house to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Guest Post: Christmas Flower Decorations

It is customary to decorate the interior with flowers and various evergreens. The tradition dates back centuries ago when it was believed that flowers had magical powers. The traditional Christmas flowers are poinsettias, ivy, holly and mistletoe. Equally valued is the Christmas cactus. During the past couple of years, floral arrangements that consist of more ‘unusual’ flowers, such as roses, carnations, etc. have been used as well.

Guest Post: Christmas Flower Decorations

All these floral arrangements and plants are usually woven into garlands, arranged in containers or carried and worn for personal adornment. Christmas flower bouquets include corsages and nosegays.

Guest Post: Christmas Flower Decorations

A very famous and constantly present item in every house is the Christmas wreath. Apart from looking good, it also has a meaning. It is a token of God’s mercy and eternity. When it’s made of evergreen boughs it represents new life and hope and is a symbol of God’s everlasting love. The wreath is the perfect holiday accessory which you can hang at home and at your office. It is most popular as an ornament, hung on the front door as a welcoming sign for all guests. The predominant colors are green and red in order to match the theme of the occasion.

Guest Post: Christmas Flower Decorations
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Guest Post: Christmas Flower Decorations

Although there are dozens of options, here are some ideas and tips on how to use flowers in order to create beautiful decoration. Rely on your imagination and experiment in order to create even more:

– Get your florist to create a fun theme. You can ask him/her to use white carnations in order to create snowballs and snowmen.
– Fill the pots in your garden with amaryllis, cyclamen and poinsettias. You can even go as far as to wrap them in festive ribbons and paper.
– If you organize a small Christmas get-together at your place, you can greet all guests at the door by giving them a miniature wreath for them to bring back home and hang wherever they please.
– Flowers can also be used for the purpose of decorating the Christmas tree. You can use either fresh or dried flowers. Both will have an excellent effect on the tree and are way better than the generic plastic and glass toys. You can even fill small vials with fresh (or dried) flowers which are to be hung on the Christmas tree.

Flowers are sure to contribute to a more colorful Christmas by adding a nice touch to your overall decoration. You will be convinced when you see how impressed your guests are.


Written by Daisy Hart