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Nature has always been on of my favorite subjects to shoot. There is a never-ending storyboard out there, waiting for you to unfold it. No tree is the same, every cloud has character and the sun will always create a beautiful shadow on the earth’s surface. I simple adore everything there is to see when it comes to nature and I try to capture it all every chance I get.

I couldn’t resist the texture and detail this tree was showing off. Taken in Long Island, it was among lots of other trees but somehow it stood out to me. From its various tones and illustrative depths, the scarred look was appealing, yet sad. Opening itself up to the world around it. Showing us all what lies beneath.

It’s sort of like us. In life we go through experiences that enable us to dig deeper within ourselves. It’s either they force us to keep things hidden or they help us to open up and show who we really are. We all may be scarred in some way but none of what we have learned can create change unless its shared with the world.

Inspiration Photo Friday:Scarred Tree - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena