Do you want to refurbish your bathroom so it has a more modern style? Think about what you need and want in your bathroom for current and future use.  A well planned master bath plan can help in selecting a range of bathroom products without spending anything extra.

As we are living in a modern world, the concept of bathrooms has changed a lot. When some family wants a multipurpose space, others prefer separate areas for different uses. A good architect can help in achieving a pleasing appearance to the restroom that is welcoming for everyone.

Design Elements
The contemporary style involves more efficient and modern style basins, baths and showers. Most of the bathroom equipment will be sleek and modern and will have a range of technological features. Its smart to select restroom furnishings that will match with your personality and lifestyle. Try not to select the products just because they look fancy, basic use should also be considered. Simple and elegant products will definitely add more style to a bathroom.

Guest Post: The Art of Selecting a Modern Bathroom Suite
Photo Credit: Fresh Home Design & Architecture

Colors that are popular for creating a contemporary style space are ones that give the washroom a more spacious and bigger appearance such as whites, beiges and creams. Plain and light colors will never fade easily and will never go out of fashion. Designing the bathroom based on a theme, can make it more inviting as well. It is better to stick to two to three colors, rather than selecting a whole bunch. This can result in an unappealing look.

Guest Post: The Art of Selecting a Modern Bathroom Suite
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In the past, people liked to spend more time in bathtubs. But today a shower is the preference of the majority.  There are a variety of shower enclosures available in the market such as sliding doors, sliding screens, pivot doors, quadrant shower enclosures and wet room screens. These are all good options when choosing to refinish your shower.

Guest Post: The Art of Selecting a Modern Bathroom Suite
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Here are a few other elements to consider when renovating your bathroom.

Good Ventilation
There must always be proper ventilation to get rid of moisture. A bathroom fan helps to avoid moisture content and keep the room fresh.

Good lighting must be provided to keep the restroom bright.

A perfect bathroom is one which has storage space to keep necessities like towels, hair dryers, lotions, shampoos and other toiletries tucked away. Having everything you need in the space is a big plus.

Written by Alvin Steel on behalf of Trade Plumbing