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Charles Eames is most well-known for his unique use of modern industrial materials.  His extensive portfolio of works include fibreglass chairs, plastic resin chairs and wire mesh chairs. Eames was a champion of developing exciting ways of manipulating materials. He moulded, bent, sculpted plastic and fibreglass among other materials to create stunning, fluid, organic pieces.

Furniture Design Icon Charles Eames
Photo Credit: Arnold Newman, 1975

DAR Chair
The classic Charles Eames DAR chair with armrests was first produced in the 1950s and is still as stylish now as it was then. DAR stands for Dining Height Armchair R-Wire Base.  It is highly durable chair, an exciting marriage of aesthetics, luxury and comfort. It was also the first industrially manufactured plastic chair.

Eames combined new materials like plastic and fibreglass with original forms. This chair is perfect as a dining chair and would look spectacular in any modern interior. It also has a charming design. The metal framework which supports the chair structure is the reason this piece has come to be known as the Eiffel Chair as it is similar to the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Meticulously designed using pioneering techniques, this piece is a household essential if designer furniture is your prerogative.

Furniture Design Icon Charles Eames
Photo Credit: Swivel UK

LCW Chair
LCW Chair was the first chair to be mass-produced using moulded plywood. Originally made in 1946, this modern chair was pioneering at the time of its inception. The subtly curved structure is light and slender and has a harmonious fluidity. LCW is short for Lounge Chair Wood.

This piece, with its innovative and well thought out design, is meant to fit the contours of the human body. Eames experimented with manipulating the materials he used into different shapes and forms. This chair works superbly around a dining table or even as a standalone piece.

One of the most significant pieces in modern furniture design, it was made during World War II and embodies efficiency, reliability and functionality which were major requirements during this time. This chair has sleek and honest appearance and will make any interior look polished.  It has been heralded as a status symbol. It is technologically innovative due to the smooth, uninterrupted, organic wooden forms.

Furniture Design Icon Charles Eames
Photo Credit: Swivel UK

Although Charles Eames’ furniture is immensely practical it did not lack artistic and creative flair and was always aesthetically appealing. Eames left behind him a legacy of innovation, an extensive and impressive collection of revolutionary pieces. He was also the first designer to be given a one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art.

Written by Leo Parker