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My husband used to work at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Long Island when we first met and since I have never been there, he gave me a tour so I could take photos. What a beautiful place. It was a clear day and the sky was a gorgeous blue, a perfect backdrop for the historic mansion that sits on the property.

As we walked around to the back, I turned toward the house and was kind of taken back by how lovely it looked buried among the trees. The lush green grass below and vibrant bushes placed around the exterior really set it off nicely. That’s when I knew this was “the” shot. And every time I look at this photo, I remember that day with Dan and what a nice time we had exploring the property. Never forgetting the feeling of capturing such a perfect view and sharing it with the world.

I love this photo most of all because it seems as if one has come to a special treasure hidden from society. The Bayard mansion appears stately and dignified, standing strong. With all its stories and memories, it’s gleaming with beauty. This is the kind of moment that is truly picturesque.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Bayard - © Melissa O'Connor