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The holidays may be over but winter is officially here. The cold is making its way into our backyards and snowy days are surely due. It’s time to focus on what the year has taught us and get ourselves ready for what 2013 has to offer.

I took this photo a few winters back while visiting Caumsett Park here on the island. It was a perfect day to go because the snow added a magnificent bonus to the scenery. As I walked down the main path, I was inspired by the beautiful symmetry and natural line work of the trees. Bare as they were, they brought a nice architectural element to the shot. The path made me feel I was on my way to something great, something spectacular. Having always loved the look of pathways, it was no surprise I was drawn to Caumsett’s.

Everyday should feel like this. Looking forward, surrounded by beauty. In this case, a winter wonderland of nature’s frozen tears. Just because its cold and dreary, doesn’t mean this season has to be a sad and boring one. It’s a time to reflect. As the Earth renews itself for another year, we all should do the same. Take the time to reflect upon your accomplishments, your mistakes and the significant moments 2012 has given you.

I hope you all have a happy new year and create a winter wonderland in your heart this season. Remember, everyday can be as beautiful and inspiring as this photo. Just keep in mind that you are amazing and take the path toward positivity and happiness.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Winter Wonderland - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena