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Boy, do I hate the cold. These past few days have been bitter for sure. Winter is never as fun and inspiring to me as spring and fall but it does have it’s beautiful moments.

Below is a photo I took in Connecticut during the end of the fall season. You can feel the cold air hitting your face and the crisp salty breeze from the ocean. I imagine myself living in this white house by the sea. Watching and waiting as the seasons pass me by. Looking out the window at night and seeing the stars twinkle. I have a sense of peace as the calming water by the shore creates a multitude of serenades, just for me.

Oh, do I miss nautical days. Being by the water always makes me feel at home. There is something about the New England area that calls out to me as I have always been drawn to its historic feel. I hear you loud and clear. Maybe one day I will not only stand on your shores but have a little white house of my own. Until then…

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Inspiration Photo Friday: Nautical Days - © Melissa O'Connor. All Rights Reserved