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Since I have been researching places for Dan and I to visit for our wedding anniversary, our wedding day has been on my mind. And since spring is right around the corner, I can’t help but think of the farm where we shared our vows.

The Queens County Farm will always have a place in our hearts. I fell in love when I saw photos, so you can imagine how much I adored this little piece of heaven when we visited it for the first time. I may have gotten distracted with other venues but in the end, both Dan and I followed our hearts and chose the farm for our special day. We visited the venue 3 times before the wedding, each different seasons, and still felt connected to the grounds and the animals. This is how you should feel about where you get married.

So, for Inspiration Photo Friday I wanted to share a photo I took upon one of our visits during the fall. It was so lush and beautiful, autumn colors everywhere. The animals were lively and the birds were singing. It was such a lovely day at the farm. I love that we can always go back, whenever we want, and have new experiences there. As the years go by, we can watch the farm get older and evolve.

It is such an amazing feeling to be connected to a place like this one. We have a lot of love for the Queens Farm and the animals that call it home. I am so happy we went with our hearts and chose this beautiful place to be a part of us forever. The Earth and its animals will always have my love…the truest love of all.

Inspiration Photo Friday: True Love - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena