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{Written by Ross Donald}

The snows of winter are melting and the rebirth of spring is upon us. As the weather finally relents from the cold war, people are getting ready to step back out into the world and spend some much needed time in the warmer airs of spring. Gardens are being seated, grills are being cleaned, and patio furniture is getting uncovered and dusted off.  Spending the warm spring evenings outdoors in your yard is a great way to relax with family and friends, more time spent outdoors means it’s time to add a little light to your spring nights.

Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: Landscape Design Advisor

If you don’t have any yard lights or you’ve been thinking about changing your lighting scheme, then springtime is the perfect time to do it. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal and these are themes you should have in mind when you design a landscape lighting scheme. Low lighting such as pathway lights, hanging lights, and garden lights are excellent choices for adding a little nighttime color to your yard.

Walkway Lighting
Path lights are great outdoor lighting additions to your nighttime landscapes, and sensible ones as well. You certainly don’t want people stepping off a path into any dangerous territory, especially if you have dogs that may be leaving a bit of a mess around the yard. Path lighting adds a nice accent to your walking paths and can serve as a sort of guided tour around your yard.
Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: Pro Cut Lawns and Landscaping

Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project

Garden Lighting
Is your garden in bloom yet?  Why not highlight the fruits of your labor or your beautiful flowers in bloom. When lighting a garden consider the philosophy of “less is more” and be careful to avoid over-saturating a garden with light. You can even be creative with your light choices and look for color schemes that compliment or accent the flowers in your garden.
Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: Enlightened Lights

Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

If you have a pond in your garden then adding some underwater or floating lights are a great way to give it some serious appeal. Floating tea lights are an easy way to add some light to a pond and are fairly inexpensive as well.

Hanging Lights
Give trees in your landscape the night time effect of coming into bloom by adding some hanging accessories to them. A popular do-it-yourself project is to take a set of jars, bunch up a string of Christmas lights inside of them, then hang them on a tree. It’s a simple craft project that gives more than one season of life to your holiday lights and can make your yard seem rather festive at night.
Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: Best Coolist

Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: Houzz

The Chinese celebrate the lunar New Year in February and herald it as the coming of spring. You can take a design tip from them and add a little Asian flavor to your yard. Paper lanterns come in a variety of styles and colors. Just be mindful when choosing them that you buy safe designs. The last thing you want is a string of paper lanterns bursting into flames on the outside of you home.
Lighting up Spring Nights
Photo Credit: David Cross

A few parting tips
Remember that the theme with spring is one of rebirth and renewal. Refresh last year’s lighting scheme or create an entirely new one with lights. Don’t overdo it, remember, flowers are coming into bloom not fully blossoming. Add enough lights to add a gentle and intimate touch to your landscape but don’t go overboard. Shaded and diffused lighting helps to keep a more intimate touch without overpowering your lighting theme.

At the end of the spring night though, the light design should be something that mirrors you as an individual and highlights the best aspects of yourself and your yard. Add your personal touch and you and your guests will love spending those wonderfully warmer spring nights in your yard.