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Sometimes in life you have to really take a look at what is making you happy and what isn’t. When stress takes over, it can seriously disrupt all aspects of your life. I am a true example of this. Stress has played a character in my story for way too long. And although it was due to many different reasons, the main cause has been my career and money. I am sure a lot of you can understand that scenario.

My career has been my focus my whole life. It’s impossible for me to be happy unless I have the time and space to be creative and continue to do what I do best. Art and design has been my life since I was a child and the only thing I truly know for sure is I was destined to be in the field. It took me a good 6 years out of school to establish myself as a freelancer and have sufficient client work. It was a long and tiring road for sure but I appreciate the good things that have come my way. I never thought it would become a problem in my life.

Now that I have started Gray Star Design, I feel like I am cut in half. Essentially, I am running two businesses, which has been sadly running me into the ground. Gray Star Design is my heart and soul and I promised myself I would focus on it and give it my all. This is what I eventually want to continue doing, and nothing else. So I am trying to set up my future and of course there has to be issues. Nothing can ever be simple.

My dilemma is just never having enough time to get GSD truly off the ground. There are things that you need to do when starting a business and yes, I have done a good amount, but there is plenty more to do – and I need full focus to get them done the right way. That means no distractions. I have already decided to not take on new clients but I do have a few I continue to do work for on a regular basis. I don’t want to cut these clients off, as I enjoy working for them, but something’s got to give.

So, after months of being stressed and having this issue take its toll on my life, home, and marriage, I have come to a decision. It’s time to take a hiatus. I have chosen to take some time off from all work and make sure Gray Star Design gets all my attention. This will allow me to have the time to get things done as well as have the creative space I need to bring new designs to the table. It’s the worst when you have so many ideas and no time to actually work them out. It’s pretty much torture, if you ask me.

I am happy my husband agrees with this decision as well. We both feel its the best thing to do right now. Not just for my career but for my sanity as well. It’s time to take control of the situation and do what is best for me and my future. Starting next week, I will be on a hiatus from client work till June. I think this will be sufficient time for me to get back on track. You don’t know how excited I am about doing this. It’s a long time coming.

I wanted to share my situation because I know there are more people out there that go through stuff like this. It doesn’t have to be about your career or money, everyone has their own issues. I hope to inspire you all to take control of your life and do the best for you. No one else is going to do it so don’t wait too long to make a move. Feeling like your everyday is a whirlwind is not healthy, mentally or physically. Take a stand and don’t allow it to negatively impact your life anymore. When you do, its the best feeling in the world.

I chose this photo for the post because it illustrates my message. It was taken in PIE on our honeymoon this past September. It may be a long journey down the path you know you need to take, but eventually, when you get there, a new journey awaits. You may not be able to see how it plays out now, but just know it will be inspiring and full of surprises. Get moving!

Inspiration Photo Friday: Hiatus - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena