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Sucker Punch is a film about a girl, Babydoll, who gets sent away to a mental institution by her stepfather so she doesn’t share the truth about her sister’s death. To help her cope with the situation, she creates another world for herself where her plans to escape are the main objective. The girls at the institution are all there against their will and forced to entertain guests in rather inappropriate ways. They all stick together to help make the plan happen, before Babydoll gets a lobotomy.

Based in the 1960s, the film is an array of colors, both light and dark. With this palette and the four items Babydoll needs to collect to escape, you are led through a fantastical journey of amazement, war, strength, and fear. Both worlds, reality and fantasy, are given codes of color to organize sequence and allow the view to feel the intensity of each one.

The story ends in bitter sweetness but its certainly a film you must see. It’s exciting, wild, sexy, and intense. I can’t refuse a movie where women kick ass, and this one was a sure winner for me.

Color in Films: Sucker Punch