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I feel we all need a little spring cleaning when the warmer months arrive. And not just during spring, but every few months. So much goes on in our lives and between work or school, family and friends, relationships and marriages, and raising your children, sometimes it seems like its never going to end and time just isn’t on your side. Did you ever think that you are creating too much to do?

I know we are all busy. I, myself have tried to fight the clock to get tons of stuff done and most of the time its work because it seems like I never have time for myself. It’s just not a healthy way to live. Week after week, the same old story. And what is it all for? I certainly don’t have to be as busy as I am. I can spread projects out and just make clients wait for them to get done instead of working by butt off and stressing myself out. This is the one thing I will be “scrubbing away” for my spring cleaning. It may be a good quality in some aspects but in the end, its just hurting me and it has to stop.

It’s funny because most of what hurts us, we create. It’s part of who we are. This is why its essential to pay attention to ourselves and our behavior, to see what needs to be tweaked or changed, and in some cases “scrubbed clean.” Just rid yourself of those layers that simply aren’t helping you. You want to evolve and move forward in life, not be held back by mental messes.

Today in New York, the weather is a little rainy and cool, and the windy air has been busy pushing nature around all morning. I can’t help but find it totally appropriate for my last day of working with clients. My hiatus has finally come. Not only am I sweeping old habits away but Mother Earth herself is cleansing as well. And even though its a little wild outside, the birds are still singing and the day still goes on. With a little dedication and strength, the sun will show her face and shine her warm glow on all of us.

Take some time to redirect your destination and move forward with a smile. Sometimes the path can get a little rocky and we forget who is most important, ourselves. If you can’t be your best self than how you can you be the best for the people you love? Scrub those bad layers off and get to the real you, then focus on what you really want and what you need to do to stay happy. Surround yourself with love and positivity and create a shield so the negative energy can’t affect you. Those bad habits and stresses shall be stripped away for good and a new, reinvented you will be ready to face the day.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Spring Cleaning - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena