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I’m not a huge TV fan but I have to admit I’ve been watching a lot more of it lately. You just can’t deny the great shows that have been gracing the screens within the past few years. Most of the time you feel like you’re watching a movie, which I love. And the connection you build with the story and characters as each season passes is something, I feel, TV has been missing for some time.

One aspect of television, as well as film, I always look forward to are the intros. The opening credits is where art & design and creativity come together to showcase the “feel and style” of the show as well as feature the actors who play important roles. Over the years, these have been getting better and better and I wanted to share a few of my current favorites. Some may overlook these few seconds before the show starts but not me. I think they set the tone for the next hour and prepare you for what’s to come.

These next creative introductions are from series I love and watch every week. Not only are they unique and expertly created, they truly are inspiring in many ways. From the design elements to the music its paired with, you can gain a lot of insight by paying attention. Enjoy!

This show is smart, different, and mature in its style. The New York feel is graciously featured throughout each scene from the old brownstone the main characters live in to the attitude and personality of the cast. I have always loved Jonny Lee Miller so when I saw he was in this show, I had to watch. He fits the part perfectly. I am drawn to the darker neutrals showcased as well as the sophisticated combination of vintage elements and modern thought. So it is no surprise I thought the intro was awesome. The music flows so nicely with the rolling ball sequence and they did nice job of blending the credits in. All in all, a winner for sure.


Game of Thrones
What can I say about the genius composition and art direction of this series’ opening credits. Simply amazing. The music is dramatic and fits the time period of the show well, and the idea of the 3D maps is smart because there are so many areas and kingdoms involved in the story. I feel the visual aspect of this opening not only gets you pumped for what is next but its also a nice lead in to how beautiful the scenery and landscape is. It’s sort of interesting to think of the show as a game, as it appears in the intro, and then realize that its based off real life.

I love how Game of Thrones is fearless in its writing and acting, nothing is held back. I think in order for the show to truly be successful, it has to be. Although some scenes are a lot to handle, its a major top pick in my book.


If you love Game of Thrones, then Vikings is right up your alley. Raw and undeniably smart, the series explores the history of the vikings with an amazing cast and astounding landscape. The show is badass for sure. I specifically love the details and style of the wardrobe and rustic natural setting.

The opening credits are simply beautiful. With music by Fever Ray setting the dark and gloomy tone, the imagery flows with perfection. I like the focus on Earth’s elements, water and fire, which are both extremely important to the viking people. The lighting is superb, the color choices in saturation and shade are striking, and the art direction is genius. It totally goes with the mood of the series and certainly inspires the unleashed in all of us.


I am so happy this show just started. The minute I saw the commercial I knew I would love it and I certainly do. Such a smart rendition of the story, with unique and creative artistic elements. The cast is superb and the scenes are intense, as if you are watching a  film. And how can you not appreciate the writing?

The second episode got my attention even more with the opening credits because they weren’t shown during the first one. A simple title was featured after a few scenes had already went by, which was a smart to do. It added a touch of sophistication to the show. But then the awe of the blood filled skull, flowing so elegantly, so quickly. The moody sounds of grandeur playing as the face slowly turns to look at the viewer. Short, sweet and full of perfection. I am looking forward to see how this series unfolds for sure.


The Walking Dead
I’ve always loved the opening credits of The Walking Dead. Now that season 3 is over, it was nice to see the adaption change. The score is one of my favorites, staying true to the emotional sadness and thriller-like setting. It flows through with elements of the show, the characters past, and exudes the gritty rawness of their current world. It puts you in the proper mind set for the show, that’s for sure.