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So much has been happening around here in my home, sometimes I forget to think. It’s  surely been crazy with the kitchen renovation taking over our lives and both of use trying to juggle work in between. Orders have been coming in and I am preparing for the Forgotten Friends of Long Island Spring Fair tomorrow, so I have been a little crazy. But its soon time to move forward and be able to actually relax.

Monday is my first wedding anniversary and I can’t believe a year has gone by already. I can close my eyes and imagine myself back at the farm marrying my best friend, like its yesterday. Even though that day was sort of a blur itself. So much has happened since then, like my life always tends to be. It’s never dull, thats for sure! But Monday will not only begin a new year with my husband, it will launch our much needed vacation. I am so excited.

We aren’t doing anything extravagant, just renting a little cottage in Massachusetts surrounded by nature. It will truly be a relaxing and peaceful time away from life here on Long Island. Our dogs will be with us as well, as they always are, so it will be nice to share some quality time, just us four. I am especially looking forward to time with Dan to reflect on our marriage and all that life has brought us since our wedding day. Quality time with him is a must.

So for this Inspiration Photo Friday, I ask you all to look at the loves in your life and let them know you appreciate them. Whether its a partner or friend, show them they have a place in your heart. Sometimes life can pull you away and become a distraction, so create that quality time and be in the moment. Time seems to continue to fly by, whether we want it to or not, so live life to the fullest and let your soul truly shine.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Lots of Love - Photo by Lauren Elle
Photograph by Lauren Elle Photography