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Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite films, ever. How can you not love this story? A young girls wish comes true and takes her through a fantastical journey to fix what she created, having her baby brother get taken away by the goblin king, not that she meant for any of this to happen. She realizes her addiction to the fantasy world she escapes to more than often, is actually a real place.

To find her brother, she is led through a labyrinth filled with weird creatures and riddles she must figure out to get to the end. Along the way she makes some friends that she will remember forever and of course memories that will last just the same. A unique film such as this could only come from the one and only Jim Henson and it proves that fairy tales can be loved by all.

The color palette of the film is an abundance of natural hues and earthly tones. From the real world scenes to the labyrinth, nature rules all. Most of the film is shot outside which I love as well. Pops of color are brought in with accessories on the characters and small items so you notice them well against the neutral background. My favorite is the little worm she meets in the beginning. What an adorable little fella!

The soundtrack is fun and lively and the art direction is superb. You will fall in love with all the characters, just like I have, and by then end of the film wish you could take on the adventure as well. A film for all ages, Labyrinth will allow you to explore otherworldly realms of fantasy and take you back to the days where films honored the artistic aspects of moviemaking.

Color in Films: Labyrinth