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My husband and I have been on our vacation since Tuesday and since then we have mainly relaxed, which was the point of the trip. It’s really been nice to kind of do nothing for once. The weather has been rainy and cloudy everyday so we can’t really explore the area too much but when the sun comes shining through, we will surely get out for a bit.

I told myself this trip would help rejuvenate my mind and jumpstart a new way of life. When I get home I would like to focus more on my health, so starting an exercise routine and eating a little better is a must. I also want to focus on Gray Star Design and go full force with the business. And last but not least, creating more time to spend with Dan and doing more together.

I took this photo yesterday while taking a walk with our dogs. It’s the road our cottage is on and it really is beautiful. Surrounded by trees, plants, and a peaceful stream that runs through the woods, the serene environment truly allows clear thinking. It reminded me of the path I want to take in life and how important certain things are to my future. And although you never know what will come your way, creating the life you want and working toward goals that will truly make you happy, is essential for success. And I know I will get there.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Tunnel Vision - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena