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The world we live in will always change. That goes for each of our lives as well. Expecting  people to stay the same is very naive, we all grow and evolve. Hopefully, its for the better. My life has certainly gone through a lot of change, from childhood to now. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As I look around at the people in my life, both friends and family, everyone has changes they are going through. From babies and marriage to ending relationships, moving, and coping with death, its all important to their growth as individuals. And it all happens for a reason, even if its not that great at the time. I can vouch for this for sure.

The photo below was taken recently while my husband Dan and I were on our vacation in Massachusetts. There is always something about a quiet road or path that inspires me to keep going in a positive direction. This photo also reminds me of one thing that will never change, nature. Mother Earth is always there to surround you with love and protection, sharing its beauty every chance it gets.

So when there are times that change gets a little too much, visit a park or take a peaceful walk in the woods. You can always count on nature to keep you grounded and calm. It’s the one thing that can never be taken away. So cherish it with all your heart and appreciate all it does for us. Because it doesn’t just give, it teaches all of us about the one thing we can’t escape, change. Evolving every minute, Earth does a fantastic job at showing us how to evolve with grace.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Changes