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Today is a windy and cold morning here on the island. There is a storm coming our way so the air is fresh and everything has a dewy look. I love how this weather makes all the trees, grass, and plants a more prominent green. When the beauty of nature is accented, it makes you see the world a little bit different.

I stepped outside my back door today to let my dogs out and just took in how pretty my yard looked. Every time I am back there, I appreciate it more and more. The fact that I am content with where I am in my life and where I have chosen to build a family, surely makes me happy. My past has brought a lot of things, but feeling content was not really on that list. Sure, at times, but as a whole I always wanted more or something new. I guess that is part of growing up.

I know perfection doesn’t really exist. People, relationships, careers, children, you name it, nothing is perfect. We all have our issues and deal with them in our own ways. I can definitely say my life isn’t perfect, but I am content with how it is and look forward to the future. Rather than always wanting to move and evolve at a fast pace, I can take day by day and see what what comes my way.

I think that if you sit back and think of all the good things you have, the beauty that surrounds you, and the people who love you {as well as the ones you love}, you will realize that things aren’t so bad. Contentment doesn’t mean you want to stay where you are forever. It just means you appreciate all you have and are happy with how far you’ve come. It’s a mighty good feeling.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Contentment - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena