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Despite the countless decisions that must be made, most people greatly enjoy decorating their own homes. Its the opportunity to truly express one’s tastes in terms of colors, arrangement, texture, lighting, and much more. Its a chance to create spaces of relaxation and comfort that are truly unique. Unfortunately, one room that often gets overlooked when it comes to decorating is the guest room. Too often guest rooms are either completely bland and reminiscent of economy hotel rooms {see below} or a collection of mismatched furniture that feels more like a storage facility than anything else. However, it isn’t all that difficult to create a gorgeous guest room. Here are some decorating tips.

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room

Create a vacation retreat.
Whether a relative is coming to town for a wedding or your best friend is spending his or her actual vacation with you, make your guest room feel like a luxurious hotel room. To do so break out the “good” linens. Since your guest probably won’t be staying more than a week, don’t be afraid to use fabrics that you would typically avoid because they may stain or are fragile. For instance, a thick white down comforter will create a crisp, clean, and comfortable sleeping space.

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room
Photo Credit: Avondale Custom Homes

Anticipate the guest’s needs
Decorating isn’t all about appearance. Its also about creating a comfortable, welcoming space. In order to make your guests feel comfortable, anticipate their needs. For instance, someone traveling may be experiencing jet lag or simply want to sleep in, so make sure your guest room has drapes that are up to the task of fully blocking out the sun. In addition, remember that your guest probably won’t need a ton of storage space (since they probably won’t be there long) but they will need surfaces on which to set toiletries (if there isn’t a dedicated bathroom), a cell phone, reading material, laptop, etc. Consider getting nested bedside tables with casters on them. That way, if your guest needs extra space he or she can pull out another table. When no one is staying with you, the tables with neatly stack up. If you can’t find tables with casters already on them, adding casters is a super simple task. Here’s a guide to picking casters based on needs and floor type.

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room
Photo Credit: Stage Tecture

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room
Photo Credit: Svajoniu

Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself
The truth is, this is a guest room – not a bedroom. Meaning, that the person using the room is simply visiting and not living there. The room is still a part of your house. That means that you should not be afraid to use colors and textures you find pleasing. If you want the space to be neutral, you can still use throw pillows, accessories such as vases or books, or a chair to add pops of color and texture.

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room
Photo Credit: About.com

Remember, less is more
Don’t over decorate or clutter up your guest room. Your guest will need a minimal amount of furniture during their stay and will not want to feel overwhelmed with trinkets or bric-a-brac. Go for a bed with a light and heavy blanket (to meet your guest’s temperature needs), nesting tables, a small dresser, hangers in the closet, a lamp, a chair, and a few accessories. Always keep in mind that this is not a storage space! The goal here is to make the room feel clean and simple – not barren. As mentioned above, use color, different textures, and luxurious items to make the space feel welcoming rather than cold.

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room
Photo Credit: MSN Living

Keep it clean
Often times, guest rooms sit forgotten and closed up until the days right before a guest arrives. Things will be much easier on you if you keep the room aired out and clean it regularly. If you keep the room sparsely decorated (as mentioned above) cleaning will take no time at all.

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room
Photo Credit: Babycenter.com

Make the clearance bin you friend
If you’re on a tight budget, remember that there’s nothing wrong with scoring a deal. Shop seasonal sales or browse the clearance bin for sheet sets, accessories, and even furniture for the space.

Don’t forget your guest room
Whether you have guests regularly or infrequently, put some thought into how the room is decorated. Its your home so always bow to your preferences and taste. Don’t create a space that feels more like an airport hotel room than a welcoming oasis.

How to Design a Gorgeous Guest Room
Photo Credit: Decorator Showcase

Written by Janet Majors