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My husband and I have been so busy with home projects and family gatherings that we haven’t been able to actually sit back and enjoy summer yet. Thankfully, our list of things to do is almost done! This is our second summer in the house and it’s really not until now that we are seeing some of the most beautiful things bloom on our property. It’s such an inspiration to see nature at its best, thats for sure.

Our garden is doing well. It’s wild and free and showing its true beauty through various plantings from the past. Our hydrangea bush is finally blooming and even the peonies I planted last year are saying hello. Clover accents the space and the pink roses bring color, while my Grandmother’s hosta is growing at a spectacular rate. And it was nice to see the group of iris’ from the previous owners bloom as well. Didn’t get to see them last year.

The photo below is one I took of the left side of the garden, where our back fence begins. Last year, I intertwined our other rose bush with the fence so it would have a natural stake and spread out. What a beauty is has become. I imagine that whole side of the fence being covered one day. How pretty would that be? It really made me smile to see it all coming together.

All our blooming beauties have shown me that sometimes, time can only tell. Waiting for things to happen in your life is never fun and I highly support going for what you want. However, there are times when you just have to allow nature to take its course and try to enjoy the ride. Patience is not only a virtue, its a gift. Personally, it’s the one thing that has helped me get through a lot in these past few years, in every aspect of my life. Rushing into something, whether big or small, just isn’t worth the stress. Sit back and relax, because everyone’s time will come.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Blooming Beauties - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena