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I recently saw Oz The Great and Powerful and my excitement was seriously justified. I was in awe of the characters and art direction and simply loved the story. What a beautiful and mesmerizing film, to say the least. Director Sam Raimi did a fantastic job at capturing the beauty, amazement, and fantasy of Oz and all that it encompasses. I was highly intrigued and surprised as the story unfolded.

The film tells the tale of how the great Oz came to be. Oscar Diggs, a man who once was a sideshow magician and conman, becomes a strong leader and caring individual. Learning of the good that had always remained inside him, he takes on a journey that even he can’t believe. Landing in Oz, by way of tornado, he meets various characters that will soon become his friends. From flying monkeys and fairies that bite to porcelain dolls from chinatown, this film will truly keep you wanting more.

The landscape itself is a main character. With its vibrant hues and unique personality, the land of Oz comes alive right before your eyes. I wish I could go there just for a day to witness the true magic it clearly has. It set a colorful and interesting backdrop for the story and really creates the fantasy driven reality we all love. From emerald green to the bluest of skies all the way to the darkest of grays, the rainbow is clearly shown through every viewpoint.

In the end, Oz saves the day along with all the great people who call the land of Oz home. With teamwork, bravery, and goodness, they take on the wicked witch and all is happy again. I thought the story was clever, smart, and fun. A nice way to introduce the Wizard of Oz for sure. This girl loved every minute of it.

Color in FIlms: Oz The Great and Powerful