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I have always loved to explore abandoned and haunted places, so it was music to my ears when my husband, Dan, said he did too after we first met. I already looked forward to new adventures with him. Back in September of 2008, we set off to Seaview Hospital in Staten Island to explore the grounds and take photographs of what it has become. This was the third time I visited the abandoned property but still excited to experience it with Dan.

We had a great time while we were there, even though the property never ceases to creep me out. Since then we haven’t really gone on any explorations which has been kind of a bummer since we both really enjoy it. However, we are getting back in the game. I already put together a list of places in New York we plan to visit as well as the highly talked about Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania next month. You don’t know how psyched I am to check this place out. I am mostly looking forward to the Tunnel of Terror and Ghost Hunt, where you are sent off by yourself to explore the Mayflower building. Can’t wait!

Pennhurst is no joke. It has been visited and documented by numerous ghost hunters with definite hauntings. Read the history when you get a chance, its so sad. Let’s just say lots of horrible things happened there. I was even warned by my aunt, who is friends with Kim Russo and other clairvoyants who had a hard time recovering from their visit. I can only hope to have a memorable experience, which I am sure I will.

I took this photo during our visit to Seaview Hospital five years ago. It’s the inspiration for me to get back out there and explore the darker side of life. It’s surely been long enough. You can read more about this place and view more photos I took there in my past post, Historic Series: Seaview Hospital.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Time to Explore - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena