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Last year today, my husband and I were packing and getting ready for our honeymoon trip to Prince Edward Island in Canada. Although we got married that past May, we both love traveling in the fall. It was a busy weekend because my cousin Diana was getting married that Saturday, but we took it easy and tried to get sleep for our long trip the next morning. It was surely a vacation I will never forget.

I can’t believe a year has past already. Time goes by so fast, sometimes we let life distract us from the good times in our lives. Reminiscing positive memories not only brings us happiness but it reminds us how awesome our lives really are. I can vividly remember how beautiful Prince Edward Island was. The cool, fresh breeze against my face, the endless ocean that surrounded us, and the many fields of green we encountered on every drive. Not to mention, all the lovely farm animals that greeted us during our stay. It truly is a picturesque place.

I hope to visit Prince Edward Island again someday and make sure we stay longer. There is just so much to see. It’s one of the only places I felt like I was in a perfect world. It really is a captivating island and I am extremely lucky to have experienced it with my husband.

I took this photo while we were in Cavendish at the National Park. The time we spent at this location truly fascinated me. Standing at the tip of the Earth with Dan, as husband and wife, looking out into the never ending ocean was a memory I will never forget. At that moment, anything was possible. I felt infinite and hopeful because there was so much beauty surrounding me. When something can make you feel like that, it surely is worth reminiscing about.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Reminiscing  -  © Melissa O'Connor-Arena