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Four tet has been a favorite of mine for years. With a mix of hip hop, electronic, jazz, and more, London artist Kieran Hebden brings such a unique style to the industry. Starting out as a member of the band Fridge, he later explored music on his own and released his first single in 1997. While continuing with his solo career he also has worked with talented and well known musicians such as Aphex Twin, Bloc Party, Black Sabbath, and Thom Yorke to name a few.

His fourth album, Everything Ecstatic came out in 2005 and is filled with quirky mixes and smart beats. It has a high energy sound and happy youthful vibe. It makes for good driving music as well as a background tunes for a party. The six song on the album, And Then Patterns, is particularly one I love. It has such a beautiful mix of instruments and just flows so nicely. Another favorite, Turtle Turtle Up, brings you back to the Nintendo days with elegance.

The album art is vibrant and colorful, like the music it presents. Although the line work seems a little out of control and ecstatic, the design makes sense. Due to the hues chosen for the work, it has an adolescent feel but its fresh and unique at the same time.  All in all, its fun.

Four tet-Everything Ecstatic