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The other night I read a great little article written by Abbe Wright. It was about the ticking clock syndrome, when people measure their lives against others milestones. It really resonated with me as I sometimes feel my age should dictate where I am in my life. Realistically, this isn’t true. People move at their own pace and depending on the experiences you have had, everyone will be at different stages of their life.

This one quote pretty much sums up the article. I wanted to share it so others can take something positive from it as well.

Onlyness is the spot in the world only you inhabit-a mix of the history, experiences, and ideas that make up your life story. If you deny it by engaging in ‘comparisonitis’, you’ll miss your true value.

We need to focus on our own lives and know in our hearts we are where we belong. At times when we feel we should be doing something better or different, than its time to change our path. But in no way should we compare our lives to others. If you are feeling down because others are getting engaged and married but you are single, cheer up. Ask yourself if thats what you really want right now anyway? If so, then get out there and be positive, someone will come your way. If not, live it up. Just because the people around you are having children, doesn’t mean its time to be parent too. Your life journey is unique and not like everyone else’s. Your time will come.

There’s no schedule. Just admire your own kick-ass individuality“, is something we should all remember. Below is the poster I made for my BFA show before graduating college. It represents all my hard work and dedication. I was a little older than most when I got my degree, but at 27 years old I have been through so much, and with a ton of experience and I felt so ready and confident to move forward. The fact that my show was about my life, really gave a nod to saying goodbye to the past and greeting my future with a smile.

My greatest achievement up until then was graduating art school and creating a successful first gallery show. I was extremely proud of myself. Months later I scored my first full time graphic position in Long Island and moved from Jersey within two weeks, moved into my first apartment, and even met someone who I was with for a few years. And of course, things got in the way of my plans, but with persistence I made it happen. After six months I got laid off and had trouble finding another job, so I had to do what I could to make ends meet. Eventually, after another move, my relationship ended. I felt my life was at a standstill.

Who would have known just a few months later I would meet my current husband. I do have to say it was perfect timing. Since then, life has been challenging but I feel very lucky to be a wife, a homeowner, and a business owner – all of which I deserve to be. I have come to realize, even more so then before, that the life chosen for me wouldn’t be easy. It wouldn’t be filled with lots of money and extravagant gifts or a lifestyle where I can be carefree and less stressed. However, it has been one of many opportunities, lessons, love, change, and adventure. All of which enabled me to grow up fast and become the woman I am today. I have accomplished so much so far and no other life can compare. It’s my onlyness I live for and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Onlyness