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I have liked Depeche Mode for many years now. Although they formed a year after I was born I connected with their music and listened to it throughout my life. Vocalist, Dave Gahan, possesses such an interesting and unique voice that nobody can match and even though they are considered an electronic band, they incorporate so many other beautiful elements in their sound.

Their 1986 album, Black Celebration, was a slightly different tune than their previous music. With somewhat of a darker spin, this fifth album consisted of fantasy driven sounds with an edge that carries a bit of sadness we can all connect with. On the other hand, the somewhat gloomy lyrics are paired with bright pops of synth genius which really helps the songs to shine. I can remember listening to this album while I was a teenager. My favorite tracks are Black Celebration, Question of Lust, A Question of Time, Stripped, and New Dress. Today when I listen to it, boy does it take me back.

The album art is a good fit for the sound of this album. It’s dark and unusual with pops of color and of course has an 80s feel to it. The image of a city building is used as a backdrop to showcase part of their logo, upside down M, and projected tulips. I like how the whole piece has a collage styled look while also highlighting shadow and light in the imagery. All in all, a good representation of the music on the album.

{ This post is dedicated to my best friend Heather who is the biggest Depeche Mode fan I know. One can say she is a little obsessed ♥ }

Sound in Color: Depeche Mode - Black Celebration