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A few weeks ago my husband and I visited Benner’s Farm here on the island with my best friend and her daughter. It was the first time we were there and I have to say its a really cute place. Of course, the animals were my favorite part. All were friendly and kind, like most animals are, and some had unique characteristics. So much fun.

Every time I am around a farm animal, I can’t help but think of the terrible things humans do to them around the world. They are commonly treated as if they are worth nothing. Well, that is certainly not true. Chickens, cows, goats, sheep, and horses are just some of the amazing creatures we can learn from. They can inspire us all.

How can someone hurt an animal that clearly expresses emotion and value? Even if you don’t do it with your own hands, eating meat is the same thing. You are supporting something that kills, destroys, and initially hurts you and your family. The animals rights /veg movement is one to truly consider, at least one to look into and learn about.

This photo below was taken at the farm. These two sheep were so beautiful together. Not only did they express love for each other, they did it publicly with no regard. Nothing in your face, just a gentle gesture of kindness and compassion. You can always count on animals to make you smile and these two had my heart a glow. I will forever be in love with the Earth’s creatures. They continue to surprise and inspire me day after day.

I just hope most of all, that the world can see what I see and make the connection of how important they truly are.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Love - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena