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The inspiration that drives your home decor choices stem from a lot of places. The colors you like, the space you have, your budget, and style. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is how the items you chose to fill the space make you feel. The environment that you choose to surround yourself with can affect the energy that flows into your home; or at least that’s what Feng shui states.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of home design and decor that is rooted in the belief that your human experiences in and outside your home are linked to your immediate surroundings. An example of a Feng shui principle is that the items in your kitchen are connected to the wealth and prosperity that you experience in your life. For more tips and to learn a little bit more about Feng shui, check out this infographic below, brought to you by Soothing Walls.

The style of Feng shui depicted here is a Western style that does not rely on any sort of compass directions. Instead, a template is offered with 9 squares that each correspond to an area of your home. To get started, just align the bottom of the grid with the front of your house. Check it out below!

Feng Shui 101

Written by Naomi Shaw for Soothing Walls

Naomi Shaw is a freelance writer from Southern California. She loves to write about crafting, diy, and home decor. When she’s not writing she loves to spend time with her family and children.